New project – “Think! – Don’t Hate – Preventing and Countering Hate Speech”

New project – “Think! – Don’t Hate – Preventing and Countering Hate Speech”

We are so excited that we are ending 2020 and ready to kick-off 2021 with another project supported by the European Union Erasmus+ program. Kosova Young Lawyers – KYL just signed an agreement for our next project that will be realize in collaboration with its five partners together with Syllogos Apofiton Ekpedeftirion Mandoulidi (EL), Nevladino Udruzenje Prima (ME), Connect International (BE), Udruzenje Gradana Libero (RS) and Zdruzenie Za Kulturna Sorabotka Interkultura Skopje (MK).

Seeing the everyday consequences of extreme behavior in Western Balkan countries showed us the need to strengthen responses to hate speech and set the ground for a continuous battle against hate speech by educating its creators and key young leaders, our champions of change.

“Think! – Don’t Hate – Preventing and Countering Hate Speech” will provide capacity building for youth in neighboring and enlargement countries to contribute to the prevention and countering of hate speech, which is of crucial importance for countries whose histories are loaded with conflict.

Looking at the current situation, long-term solutions will not be possible until we begin to work on the roots and begin countering narratives, therefore this project aims to work with young people who will be the ones that will break through the barriers set by these conflicts and start changing the narratives for better.

With this project ending in 2022, KYL and its partners will be conducting activities that will contribute to achieving these objectives, so stay tuned!