Call for participants for “Peers for Equality” Training Courses

Dear volunteers and activists,

We are excited to inform you that in cooperation with our partners and with the support of the European Commision, we will organize two training modules on gender equality and antidiscrimination. 

  • First training is planned to be organized on: March 23 to 30, 2020, in Arad, Romania;
  • Second training is planned to be organized on: October 19 to 25, 2020, Ramnicu Valcea, Romania;

“Kosova Young Lawyers – KYL”will send two (2) participants for the training modules.

All KYL volunteers and activists that are interested in gender equality and antidiscrimination and are willing to participate in both training modules, should send their expression of interest and their CV to our email:

Deadline: January 18, 2020, 17:00.

  • Ofensiva Tinerilor, #Romania
  • European Youth Community, #Ukraine
  • Seiklejate Vennaskond, #Estonia

  • Bridge of Friendship Kartlosi, #Georgia
  • KEKPA-DIEK, #Greece
  • Kosova Young Lawyers – KYL, #Kosovo
  • Asociatia de Tineret “Youth on the Move”, #Romania
  • Lota’s box, #Croatia
  • Youth for Exchange and Understanding, #Cyprus
  • Collectiu la Vibria Diniciatives Culturals per la Tolerancia i la Integracio, #Spain



“Peers for Equality”

For the 1st training module – Peers for Equality – Awareness Training 24.03.2020 – 29.03.2020 in Arad, RomaniaArrival Day 23nd of March 2020Departure Day 30th of March 2020.

The target group: peers trainers as well as trainers and youth workers who want to explore further and acquire more skills in organising activities and future workshops based on gender equality and anti discrimination through peer education. The common denominator of the participants will be their personal and professional need and honest willingness to deal concretely with the topic and take effective social action after the training. For that purpose, the selection procedure will be carried out through an accurate applicant questionnaire, checking the candidates’ motivations and, above all, their potential for organising actions and projects tackling the different topics in their local environments.

For the 2nd training module – Peers for Equality – Train the Trainer 20.10.2020 – 24.10.2020 in Ramnicu Valcea, RomaniaArrival Day 19th of October 2020Departure Day 25th of October 2020

In terms of transversal competencies (as defined in the E.C. Recommendation on key competences for lifelong learning ), participants will improve their competencies related to:

  1. Communication,especially in English, by expressing through different means and in different contexts, learning terminology related to disability (e.g. Group’s glossary), interacting with people from different countries in non-formal and informal environments;
  2. Cultural awareness and expression, by interacting with others from other cultures and sharing info about their own culture in intercultural presentations;
  3. Initiative and sense of entrepreneurship, as they will learn to improve their activities to address a wider group, to take social action and educate their peers, to plan a teaching activity;
  4. Group management, by learning to lead a peer training process, build group dynamics, asses the outcomes of the learning process;
  5. Learning to learn, e.g. by self reflection on learning outcomes (“Learning diary”); by self assessment of learning needs (“A better me”), by understanding learning processes (“Kolb cycle”);